“Our country is weakening!”: the British asked the Queen to take away the titles from Prince Harry and his wife

Recently, the British spoke sharply in the direction of the Duke of Sussex and his wife. It even came to Elizabeth II, who was asked to take away all the titles from the family.

In just a few weeks, the petition was signed by more than 40 thousand people. According to the British media, it was initiated by the writer K. Caspbell, who wrote many books about the royal family.

As the 71-year-old woman stated, she consulted with many people, and everyone believes that this would be a great solution to the problem.

Residents of the UK strongly believe that the deprivation of the titles of the prince and his wife will positively affect their country. There is an opinion that their activities only harm the image of a great country.

According to some Britons, famous spouses use their position to achieve their own benefits. They are sure that their family does not deserve these titles, especially when they use them for some kind of material profit.

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