“Our Love Is Incredible And Magical”: Mariah Carey Showed Her Twins Who Turned 12!“

The singer shared touching footage.

In Mariah Carey’s family, today is a holiday. The singer’s children turn 12 on this day.

From her ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon, the actress gave birth to a son named Moroccan and a daughter named Monroe. Although Mariah tries not to show kids, she made an exception for her birthday.

The singer posted the heartfelt video. Mariah is seen with her son and daughter in the photos. They all travel in the same automobile while exchanging hugs.


The vocalist has diva-like qualities even in daily life, seeming poised to seize the stage at any time.

“Happy birthday, my planet’s most cherished individuals! Our relationship is amazing and fantastic! Mariah spoke to her son and daughter, “My dears, you will always be my kids.

By the way, Nick Cannon is a multi-parental dude. Eleven of the actor’s children.

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