Our Marriage Fell Apart Due To The Age Difference!” Why The Union Of Richard Gere And Cindy Crawford Didn’t Work Out

Three marriages, three sons. Good number.

Few people now can recall the marriage of Hollywood actor Richard Gere and model Cindy Crawford. Even with a larger age gap, and despite the fact that model-to-actor marriages and books have been common for a while, these pairings have always seemed mismatched.

It was an odd and mysterious coming together of individuals from two separate worlds. Gere, who his coworkers refer to as “a closed book,” is a closed Buddhist and Crawford is a rising star in the international modeling industry. They were simply too dissimilar, and their age gap made matters worse.
They first crossed paths in 1988, were married on the spur of the moment in Las Vegas in 1991, and had their marriage nullified in 1995. They don’t talk about one other much in public, but Cindy Crawford admitted in an open interview with Oprah Winfrey that she had to put some effort into maintaining their friendship. While they were together, they were not close friends:
“I don’t know whether we were ever the kind of friends that peers are. Because I was young and he was Richard Gere.”

The 32-year-old model wed the 36-year-old businessman Randy Gerber in 1998; they went on to have two children and have been blissfully married for 25 years. The age gap as such was a concern for just one side, as evidenced by both parties’ subsequent lives.

Richard Gere wed actress and model Carey Lowell in 2002. They dated for almost seven years before being married, and Homer was born two years before the wedding. The actor, who didn’t become a parent until he was 51, had his first kid with this woman.

Despite the fact that Lowell is 12 years younger than Gere, their 18-year union and 11-year marriage did not involve an older man and a younger woman. He was 53 and she was 41 when they were married. They formally divorced three years after filing for divorce in 2013.
Richard Gere tied the knot for a third time in April 2018. His choice was Spanish publicist Alejandra Silva, who is 34 years the actor’s junior. They have sons in 2019 and 2020. Alejandra will turn 40 years old this year, and her famous husband will age 74.

Richard Gere, a longtime Buddhist practitioner, acknowledged that he had sought after such a life but had not been able to achieve it.
He said, “I have now discovered the tranquil and joyful life I have always dreamed of.”
Therefore, there may be a variation in age since what works for one person may be a great challenge for another. Like living with a young model who is beautiful on magazine covers and catwalks when you imagine a peaceful family life.

Three boys from three marriages. Good amount. For a Buddhist, most likely.

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