“Overshadowed Monica Bellucci herself”: how Tina Kunaki enchanted the fashion world

Our heroine today’s name is Tina Kunaki. After the girl married the actor V. Kassel, she got a large number of ill-wishers.

There was a lot of gossip about the divorce of a popular couple. The thing is that the man’s fans were surprised at how quickly he found a replacement for his ex-wife.

Tina started her modeling career at the age of 8. She has always been considered a girl with an unusual appearance. Over the years, Kunaki only became more attractive, so her career developed rapidly. Unusual beauty quickly led her to great heights.

One day, a young girl charmed the famous French actor V. Kassel. The model did not really try to attract attention, but the man was already on her legs. In general, fans immediately noted how stately Vincent looks with his new darling. In 2016, they stopped hiding their relationship from the general public.

Many were sure that the girl did not have any feelings for the actor. But gossip was not at all interested in the star couple. In 2018, the lovers played a gorgeous couple.

Soon the couple had a beautiful daughter. Only after that, do ill-wishers cease to doubt the sincerity of Tina’s feelings. Star parents devote all their free time to any daughter. In their example, the couple proved that age in most cases is just numbers.

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