Parents lost their children in a car accident and made an incredible decision.

Experiencing the death of children is a terrible tragedy. After something like this it’s very hard for the parents to overcome it. This couple’s act will amaze you till the depth of your heart.

Katy and Dan have always stood out with their rare kindness and honesty. But life is unfair, and sometimes terrible things happen to the most worthy people.

In 2005 the spouses lost their 2 children in a car accident. 21-year-old Andrew and 15-year-old Chris crashed in a motorway.

Years passed, but the wounds on their hearts didn’t stop hurting. Katy and Dan didn’t know how to go on living. everything changed after the woman suggested going to Liberia. She used to work as a nurse, and wanted to help people in that poor country.

There, 8000km away from home, she met a 4-year-old orphan. Maybe the reason was that the baby was born with harelip. Besides, he was deaf. It was a common thing in that country. Children there are often left alone in the streets.

But the woman with an incredibly kind heart got attached to the baby from the first sight. She couldn’t ignore him and got into a difficult fight for the boy’s life. At the end she managed to adopt Mathew and take him home.

Even this stranger child could give Katy and Dan a new life. You can’t help but admire the kindness and courage of these people. If this story amazed you too, share the article with your friends!

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