Passing by the yard, the woman heard a faint meow (video)

Walking down the street, the woman heard strange sounds, similar to the chirping of a bird – and decided to find where they were coming from. When she approached, she saw a little kitten, who was without a mother and really asked for care.

Two months ago, a North Carolina resident heard strange bird-like sounds and decided to find out where they were coming from. She didn’t expect to see a kitten. The kid was all alone and squeaked, asking for help.

Because of the illness, the kitten’s eyes were stuck together, and he could hardly see anything. The mother cat was not around, and the woman decided to help. She contacted Murphy’s Law, who agreed to take the baby.

In the shelter, the baby was given the name Harvey. Volunteers immediately washed his eyes thoroughly and applied the cream and drops to make them heal faster. A day later, the kitten was able to open its eyes, but it was still very weak.

He was placed in an incubator to regulate his body temperature, fed by the hour, and given affection. With such care, Harvey began to blossom and become stronger. He gained weight, explored more, and played.

When Harvey recovered, he had a lot of energy. The guardians realized that this boy is very sociable and vociferous – he likes to express his desires by meowing. Harvey also turned out to be very affectionate and friendly – he made friends with other kittens in foster care.

Recently, this handsome kitty did not even dream of being in a warm house, among love and care, and now he enjoys life every day. Soon, permanent owners will be found for the fluffy.

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