“Passionate Kisses on The Lips”: Emily Ratajkowski on a Date With a Fashion Artist Was Spotted By The Paparazzi!

After four years of marriage, the celebrity filed for divorce.

Following the divorce, the 31-year-old top model has a busy personal life. A date was had by Emily Ratajkowski and Jack Greer, 35.

Recently, a celebrity in international glossy journals confessed that she wants to date various guys. And Emily fulfills her wishes. The windswept beauty fell into a new romance after a brief engagement with comedian Pete Davidson and DJ Orazio Rispo.

Jack Greer and Ratajkowski spent the evening together. She received a date request from a New York artist. After midnight, they went back home. Emily opted for a comfy, carefree style. She donned a puffy red jacket that cost £299 from The North Face.

High-rise blue pants, white sneakers, and a large black scarf completed the look. The actress applied minimal makeup, emphasizing her inherent attractiveness. In a black bomber jacket and cargo trousers, Jack also had a cool, laid-back aesthetic.

Ratajkowski was escorted by Greer to her front door in New York. The pair were exchanging enthusiastic conversation, giggles, and hugs. The date was well received by Emily. They had a protracted, passionate kiss on the lips as they parted.

The top model revealed an unexpected revelation on her social media page on the day of the date: “I would be with various guys as well as with some ladies… They’re all intriguing in their own ways, I guess.” 

After four years of marriage, the celebrity filed for divorce from producer Sebastian Beer-McClard in September. The frequent infidelities were the cause. According to the Daily Mail, the couple shared a son named Sylvester Apollo, who will be two in March.

The artist has previously been seen out and about with a seductive brunette. They were photographed together back in October by the paparazzi. At the car, young people kissed and said their goodbyes.

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