People spotted a dog stuck in a net between houses (video)

Residents of Israel noticed this dog on the net for birds between the houses. Apparently, the poor fellow got there out of curiosity or chasing a bird – but it was difficult to get back. The dog hung in a net at a high height of six floors, trembling with fear and afraid to move.

When the neighbors called the owner named Ella, she was in shock. She was very worried about her pet named Bili. “When I saw Bili on the net, I thought I would faint. I was afraid that she would fall and I would lose her forever,” says the owner.

The owner and neighbors called the fire department to ask for help. At first, the firefighters refused, saying it was not their job, but eventually volunteered to save the dog. While the firemen were driving, all the people were worried about Bili – but she remained surprisingly calm, not even moving.

“Bili doesn’t really like people, so I was afraid that she would bite the fireman, but she was very calm, and even allowed him to pet her,” says the owner. One of the firefighters went down to the dog on special cables, and after a while he managed to pull Bili out with him. She was free!

Ella couldn’t believe it and burst into tears as she hugged her pet. She spent the next day cuddling her – although Bili herself seemed to be glad of such an adventure. “We comforted each other all day. Although I may have been more stressed. She is my best friend and I love her immensely,” says the owner.


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