People were upset that Jenner dressed her young daughter like an adult

Kylie Jenner was chastised for dressing her young daughter inappropriately.

The 24-year-old actress was recently chastised for dressing her daughter, Stormi, inappropriately. The celebrity dressed her daughter in a leather jacket in such hot weather. 

The millionaire actress traveled to London to attend the launch of her own cosmetics. She brought her charming daughter, who surprised the audience with her outfits. 

At the same time, instead of receiving positive feedback, the popular reality show’s star received harsh criticism. Her supporters were quick to point out that the woman dressed her young daughter inappropriately. Stormi accessorized with Nike sneakers and a leather bag.

“Of course they look cute, but she is still a small child who needs to be dressed appropriately”, “Poor Stormi”, “You have to consider your daughter’s health”, and “Why are you dressing her like that?” were among the comments left by their fans. 

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