Phil Collins Faces Health Challenges but Delights Fans in Last Genesis Tour

Once Beloved Singer, Unrecognizable After 30 Years

A few months ago, famous rock star Phil Collins shared that he can’t play the drums anymore. The seventy-one-year-old singer disappointed fans who were looking forward to a Genesis tour with his bandmates.

Recently, Collins appeared on stage in different places worldwide, but in Berlin, he couldn’t stand during the performance. Fans are concerned about his health. In Berlin, he sang well but stayed seated, holding the microphone closely.

Despite the delight of seeing Collins perform at the Mercedez Benz Arena, fans couldn’t ignore his declining health. Pictures of him sitting during the performance made him a trending topic on Twitter. Some fans compared him to his former bandmate Peter Gabriel.

People on social media defended Collins, saying he doesn’t look too bad considering his health struggles. One person mentioned they prefer Genesis with Collins as the lead singer.

Collins faced health setbacks in recent years, mainly due to a spinal injury in 2007. He revealed in September 2021 that he could no longer play the drums. His son took over the drums for the 2021-2022 Genesis tour.

In a BBC Breakfast Show interview, Collins explained he can’t play the drums like before due to physical limitations. Despite this, he’s grateful for the opportunity to join the last Genesis tour. He admitted that, at his age, going on the road might not be something he wants to do anymore.

Philadelphia, UNITED STATES: (FILES) — A file photo taken 13 July 1985 shows British singer Phil Collins performing during the First Live Aid concert at the JFK stadium in Philadelphia, US. In simultaneous gigs in London and Philadelphia on July 13, 1985, the 16-hour “global jukebox” reached some 95 percent of television sets worldwide, raising an estimated 150 million pounds (225 million euros, 275 million dollars in current values) to aid famine victims in Africa. AFP PHOTO FRANK MICELOTTA/STR (Photo credit should read FRANK MICELOTTA/AFP/Getty Images)
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