Pick the scariest entrance

“The cave you are most afraid to visit holds the greatest value for you,” the writer Joseph Campbell once said. This statement reinforces our today’s test.


Our subconscious holds a lot of useful and interesting information about ourselves. And with the help of psychological tests, we can get answers to our questions.

The essence of the task is very simple: you need to carefully consider all 6 pictures and choose the one that shows the most frightening entrance.

Entrance #1

Surprisingly, if you are most afraid of visiting an abandoned house, then this defines you as a strong personality. You are someone who does not embellish reality, someone who can be called an intelligence analyst.

But it’s hard for you to show emotion. The fear of bare walls indicates the presence of an emotional barrier built between you and people. Deep inside, you long for what you are so afraid of – relationships, both romantic and just friendly.

Entrance #2

The fear of going down the stairs into the unknown suggests that you are a free person who is most afraid of losing independence. You are afraid of the unknown and death. And health is your main value. Follow him more – eat right, exercise, and this will help you find peace of mind.

Entrance #3

Are you afraid to enter the ice cave? This suggests that in life you do not have enough family warmth. You want warmer relationships with friends and are afraid to be alone. Fear of loneliness suggests that you value loved ones. And above all in your life, you put love.

Entrance #4

A ruined and abandoned house scares you the most? This suggests that you are very afraid of material problems. You see the main task in providing for your family. You work hard to ensure that neither you nor your loved ones are limited in funds and can live a decent life.

Entrance #5

Are you most afraid of the tunnel leading into the unknown? So you are still looking for your main life path. You still don’t know what business you can prove yourself 100%. Despite your intelligence and good heart, you lack confidence. And it is by believing in yourself that you can find the path to happiness.

Entrance #6

Scary door with chains? You probably don’t mind hard work. You have a creative approach to business, and you also have good productivity. But focusing on work also has its downsides. Relax and rest more in order to restore strength in time. Then you can solve problems even easier.

These are the results of the test, which is based on just one question. Of course, the result cannot be absolutely accurate, but how easy it is to characterize a person, having received only one simple answer from him. And this confirms the fact that the subconscious knows, if not everything, then very, very much.

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