Picky Anne Hathaway, scandalous Sean Penn, and other celebrities with a bad temper

Fans put their favorite stars on a pedestal, sometimes almost worshiping them. Fans consider idols to be deities from an ideal, beautiful and rich world. But in fact, actors, singers, models, and other celebrities are ordinary people with advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes celebrities show not their best sides during work and in public.

They can throw a scandal over the wrong temperature of a dish in a restaurant, demand that the script be rewritten the way they want, and arrange a fight in a crowded place.

Who are they, celebrities with a bad temper or with little flaws?

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is not seen in scandals or provocative behavior in public, but she has one drawback that causes a lot of trouble for event organizers.

The star’s rider states that the producers of the show are required to accommodate and take care of her attendants. And on tour, she carries with her no less than 50-60 people. These are personal hairdressers, stylists, assistants, and other specialists. And on the shoulders of the host side, an additional burden lies on the comfortable stay of Lopez’s staff – hotels, menus, etc.

Ann Hataway

Ann is a cutie in work and communication. Filming partners speak of her only in superlatives. But if someone is lucky enough to get to dinner with her in a restaurant, they will not be able to enjoy the meal in peace. Hathaway is very picky about food.

It requires the meat to be a certain color, the soup is heated to a temperature of 21 ° C. Moreover, according to the standard, hot dishes should be 65-75 ° C, and cold – 7-14 ° C.

One day, Anne Hathaway was having dinner with her Intern co-star Robert De Niro. And the poor cook digested the eggs for her four times until she was satisfied with the result. Here is such a small drawback.

Sean Penn

The actor is known for his tough temper and how quickly he loses his temper. Sean Penn can’t stand the paparazzi who often follow him around.

And if one of them dares to get too close to the celebrity, then they can run into Sean’s steel fist. Not only hunters for “fried” news fall under the distribution, but also other people who offend Penn with something. In fights, he was seen more than once. On the screens, he often embodies the images of such heroes – rebels and hooligans.

Bruce Willis

“Die Hard” on the set often sticks his nose where he shouldn’t. So during the filming of Kevin Smith’s film “Double Kopets,” the star constantly interfered with the director’s work.

Willis personally reviewed each filmed scene, showing that he did not trust the creator of the project. Smith was pissed off, but he restrained himself. True, at the premiere, he still did not miss the moment to prick Willis. “Thanks to everyone who participated in the creation of the picture, except for Bruce, who behaved like an idiot,” said the director.

Naomi Campbell

“Black Panther” is one of the most scandalous models. Naomi is known for her passion for fighting. She beat assistants, maids, and other attendants.

After each incident, Naomi pays a decent amount to the victims and goes to psychotherapists for treatment. But over time, it is taken for the old.

The doctor who treated her for alcohol addiction somehow even got under the distribution. The medic managed to jump away from the angry woman at the beginning of the fight, so she escaped with only scratches. The catwalk star was arrested and then sent to anger management courses. But they didn’t help much.

Naomi Campbell got into fights at airports and other crowded places. Climbed with fists even at the police. Many years ago, the Elite modeling agency refused to work with her, saying that they would not sign a contract with a brawler, even if she remains the last model on Earth.

Kate Moss

Not far behind colleagues and another celebrity – Kate Moss. She once stole an idea from a famous photographer and used it to promote her own jewelry brand.

At the peak of her career, Kate Moss was left without a job due to the fact that she was filmed using illegal substances. The Daily Mirror edition twice talked about the addiction to beauty. After the first publication, which said that Kate was in the hospital due to an overdose, the model sued and won the case. But when a frame appeared in the same tabloid where Moss was clearly caught in an indecent act, she had nothing to say in her defense. And she lost a lot of big contracts.


The richest singer in the world hates journalists. She understands that communicating with the press is part of her job. But each time, it seems like he is doing a huge favor, without even trying to hide it.

However, her mood changes when she is invited to a cool TV show. Here, communicating with the presenters, she does not build sad faces.

Once, answering questions from an ordinary, in her opinion, correspondent, she bluntly stated that she was not interested, and all her subsequent remarks were riddled with sarcasm.

Mariah Carey

The performer, without undue modesty, considers herself the best vocalist in the world. And she does not miss the opportunity to speak impartially about her colleagues.

For some reason, Jennifer Lopez deserved Mariah’s special dislike. “I don’t know her at all,” she says dismissively. Got from Carey Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, and even Madonna.

Also, the singer allows herself to frankly hack at concerts. A few years ago, she was invited to become the headliner of the New Year’s show. Mariah Carey missed the soundtrack by opening her mouth at the wrong time. Then she was frankly tired of everything that was happening and she even stopped trying. In the end, she just walked around the stage. The audience was shocked.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The star of “Shakespeare in Love” does not tolerate other beautiful women next to him on the set.

For example, during the filming of Iron Man, Paltrow insisted that her work schedule be arranged so that she did not overlap with Scarlett Johansson.

Gwyneth is also not averse to gossiping about colleagues. She once told a tabloid that Reese Witherspoon was a so-so actress and starred in stupid films just for the money.

Christian Bale

Christian is a noble swearer. Any little thing can piss him off, and then others will not be happy.

In any dispute, the actor easily expresses himself as a port loader, does it publicly, and easily becomes personal. Once, a cameraman on the set of the fourth part of the Terminator fell under his arm. It seemed to the artist that he translated a successful shot, and the worker of the picture got a lot.

Bale also openly declares that the life of his colleagues does not interest him at all, which shows his arrogance.

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