Pierre Richard has reached the age of 85. What does he look like now, and what is he doing?

The legendary French actor’s full name is Pierre Richard Maurice Charles Leopold Defay. Naturally, everyone only knows him by his first two words. There are almost a hundred artworks behind the star of international cinema. He is 85 years old and nothing resembles his previous self.

On August 16, 1934, Pierre Richard was born. Valenciennes is his hometown. The future movie star’s father was a wealthy guy who owned textile companies. My paternal grandfather was a member of an ancient family of aristocrats.

He was active in the child’s upbringing. Mother’s father was an ordinary sailor. Because dad and the youngster went fishing on Sundays, young Pierre was exposed to both the top and lower classes of French society.

Pierre Richard made his feature film début in the 1950s. However, he rose to prominence only after taking on the role of Francois Perrin. After a series of films, a tall blond, purposefully absent-minded, became a beloved character all over the world. In any event, the actor is mostly connected with him in Russia.

Pierre Richard’s directing career began in the early 1970s. His debut film was the comedy “Le distrait”, in which he played the lead part.

The film “The Unlucky” (La Chvre), in which Pierre Richard initially appeared with Gerard Depardieu, was the next step in his career. The first was cast as Francois Perrin, while the second was as Jean Campana, a private detective.

Richard purchased numerous vineyards at the end of the 1980s and eventually began to engage in wine production. This is a pastime of many famous French actors.

Actor in the twenty-first century

Pierre Richard was no longer a young guy at the turn of the millennium. But, not wanting to lose the momentum, he actively participated in films and TV shows, as well as attending film festivals and other events. And because he already had experience and a stable profession, the actor began to write memoirs.

In recent decades, he has appeared in films such as “Robinson Crusoe,” “King Guillaume,” “When We Are Gone,” and many others. This year will see the release of the film “Brutus vs. Caesar.” However, the audience will witness an entirely different individual, considerably older and with a different look.

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