Pittie Puppy With No Front Paws Dumped In Duffel Bag On Top Of Garbage Can (video)

When she was finally held, she let out a huge sigh of relief.

A pit bull puppy was cruelly abandoned by her owner in a duffel bag on top of a trash can in the woods after being born without her front paws. Thankfully, she was discovered by rescuers, who transported her right away to the doctor to receive critical medical care.

The rescue organization contacted Emily, who joined as a volunteer and developed feelings for the tiny dog called Freya. Upon being held by Emily, Freya also appeared to recognize that she belonged there and sighed with relief.

Emily made her house “Freya friendly,” providing the dog with comfortable areas to play on and even obtaining her stockings to hide her uncomfortable paw nubs.

Freya is still the most vivacious little girl, even without her front paws. She adores and plays with her human siblings with all of her puppy energy. Amazing things can be done by this persistent dog.

Her amazing story may be seen in the video below. Her persistence and enthusiasm are absolutely inspirational.

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