“Plane or House?”: Man turned an old plane into a house and lives in it

This airplane house looks amazing!

Bruce Campbell is an electrical engineer from Oregon, USA. The man became known in the States after building a house from an old airplane. The unusual house is in a forest in Hillsboro, Portland.

It took the engineer around 10 years to complete the house. The house, which used to be an Olympic Airways 727 plane, is 40 meters long and 4 meters wide. He has bought the plane for $100,000. The man has replaced the floor with a transparent one.

“Airplanes have almost everything necessary for a proper life – seats, luggage compartments and a normal toilet”, says Campbell.

The main entrance to the building is from the tail section of the aircraft. Bruce has made a ladder there. The aircraft has 3 toilets, but only one of them is working. It is located next to the stairs.

The man has also built a shower cabin, a kitchen and has furnished the “house” with a bed and other necessary things. Bruce even ha a separate working place inside the aircraft.

The engineer has also completely restored the lighting of the functional house.

The plane itself and its wings are blue. As the pains often pills off and requires repainting, it’s quite expensive to keep a house with wings.

There are certain days, when Bruce cleans his “airplane house”.

He has registered his house and its purchase with the US Federal Aviation Administration. It was necessary, so that other pilots know that it is not a crashed plane.

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