“Plastic Intervention Or No?”: Fans Do Not Recognize 41-Year-Old Natalie Portman In New Photos! (video)

She used to be beautiful.

According to online fans who have carefully examined the new photos, Natalie Portman’s face appears smaller and her eyes tighter. Viewers have started to guess that the actress could have had plastic surgery.

Late in April, Natalie Portman made a special appearance on James Corden’s nightly show. During the program, the well-known actress discussed her involvement with the City of Angels documentary, which explores the origins of the Angel City Football Club.

According to the Medialeaks page, pictures of Portman from other occasions started to appear, stunning viewers with the actress’s abruptly changed appearance.

Online fans speculated that the 41-year-old star may have undergone plastic surgery. They said, “What has she done to her face? ” to show how shocked they were. MY GOD! She previously had a good look. Why do women keep getting such poor-quality cosmetic surgery?

On the other hand, some fans believe Natalie Portman just had a significant weight loss, blaming her slimmer face on the changes to her physique.

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