Poor dog swept away by tornado found months later

Then the Johnson family could not even imagine that, in addition to the pandemic, another big trouble awaited them. A natural disaster in the form of a tornado swept through the state in which the family lives. Many families were without roofs, and some were completely homeless.

The couple miraculously managed to survive, thanks to the dog, which, a moment before the tornado, began to bark loudly. The couple took refuge in the basement, which saved their lives. The tornado destroyed the dwelling almost completely.

But the most terrible thing was not the loss of the house, but the fact that their dog was carried away by a tornado. The owners were not at a loss and immediately began searching for their beloved pet. They put up a lot of notices on the streets, told all their neighbors and acquaintances about what had happened.

Almost three months later, the Johnson family was brought good news by their friend Elizabeth, who said that their dog was found and everything was fine with her.

Their pet was found just eight kilometers from home. The poor thing was very stressed and, despite being exhausted, she did not let anyone near her. At first, she did not even recognize her family, but after the man came closer, she smelled her native smell. Now she is doing well and she is a completely healthy and happy dog with a loving family.

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