“Punishment or reward”: ladies who are used to being taller everyone else

Every mother dreams that her son will grow up tall and handsome, but nature does not always dispose of it as we would like, and sometimes even confuses something. Sometimes you look at a boy with long eyelashes and think what pity girls don’t have them.

And today we will talk about tall young ladies who have to adapt to everyday life due to being too tall. And it’s good if the beauty is an athlete or a model, and if not, then you will have to face problems that are better to respond with a sense of humor.

It’s more comfortable on your knees at the ATM

Katya is lucky that she is a basketball player

It’s good that she fits in the train

Public transport requires two seats

Watch out when your head is above the door

Can easily screw light bulbs without a chair

Too low partitions in the toilet

When you want to help a tall friend

Dryer for her feet

Easy to take selfies

For love, there are no barriers

The cutest animals in the world

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