Puppy in a trap! How little Holly managed to escape from stone captivity

Do you consider yourself a failure and think that you have too much stress?

Now imagine what a little boxer puppy had to endure, which was stuck between a barn and a house.

How did it happen that 12-week-old baby Holly ended up in this situation? Has anyone been involved in this misfortune?

Curiosity killed … baby,

When the puppy was in a loving family, the joy of the owners knew no bounds. Slightly sad, expressive eyes, white “socks” on the paws, and a glorious face brought Holly’s owners into indescribable delight.

Of course, the pet paid in the same coin, giving the owners love and devotion.

But curiosity has not yet been canceled, therefore, having appeared in unfamiliar territory, the baby decided to examine everything here.

I walked around the courtyard, looked into the gap between the barn and the house, and … got stuck in the opening!

How Holly managed to squeeze into the tiny distance separating the two buildings is not clear, but the owners found a tear-jerking picture.

Their beloved dog was lying on his back, paws raised dramatically.

Puppy squealing was heard throughout the neighborhood – obviously, the baby was trying to get out of her stone trap. However, either the strength was not enough, or the opening was too narrow, but all the efforts of the dog were in vain.

Salvation is here

At first, the owners tried to pull the puppy out on their own, but they did not succeed. After an hour of useless actions, it became clear that it was necessary to call rescuers.

A team of firefighters from the Kent Fire and Rescue Service hurried to help the baby, who deftly removed the puppy using hydraulic equipment.

Once in good hands, Holly did not believe her luck and, to the general laughter, began to happily lick the fingers of one of the rescuers.

The happy owners are eternally grateful to the team of professionals, but we hope that they will keep a closer eye on the curious little Holly!

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