“Pure Love!”: Couple learned the man had a short life and married the same day

The touching story of this couple became known all over the world

Chase Smith and Sadie Mills married each other on April 29 when they were 18-year-old high school students.

Before you jump to conclusions saying that they were too young to get married, we would like to mention that their wedding was filled with feelings of happiness and sorrow.

The couple held their wedding a few days after finding out that Chase had 3-4 months to live. The guy was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma that had been developing for the last 6 years.

Chase and Sadie had been dating each other for a rather long time before deciding on marriage. “It was the best day of my life”, said Sadie. “I have always dreamt of an open-air wedding with the man of my dreams. Chase had planned our wedding in the place where we used to spend our most memorable dates and where we had our first kiss. It was a great day!”.

Before the unexpected news, the couple had completely different plans.

Initially, they wanted to graduate from the high school and enter a university. They also wanted to start a successful career with their professions of swimming and jumping. Of course, they planned to get married, although not so soon. But the sad news brought about some changes in their plans.

It was in March, that Chase learned his malignant tumor had grown rather big and was now fatal.

Medical examination revealed that Chase had tumors all over his body. Even with the right medication and procedures there were no chances for him. So Chase and Sadie immediately decided on the wedding of their dreams.

“Many people say: ‘Oh Lord, the young ones got married despite knowing that the guy was going to die soon!’, but none of them understands why we did so”.

“God wanted us to be together. The best part was when Chase had just started talking about getting married when I interrupted and said that I had been thinking the same thing!”.

It took the lovers only 4 days to arrange the whole wedding and invite the guests.

Sadie’s parents were rather compassionate and stood by the side of their daughter: “I have the best parents I would ever imagine!”

Chase and Sadie kept the tradition and didn’t see each other before the wedding ceremony. The guy said he couldn’t wait seeing his beloved future wife in her white dress. “I hadn’t seen her all day, I missed her a lot!”.

Given Chase’s condition, the couple knew they were going to face a huge grief. Anyway, they are happy to fight these problems together. “We wouldn’t be able to do anything without the help of God! I know I have at least a little chance with God.

The touching story of this couple became known all over the world.

“Time is the greatest treasure humanity has! I believe this young couple will cherish every second spent together. don’t you agree with me?”, wrote someone about the couple.

Mike and Billie Rouse faced the same problem when they got married, and they also commented on the beautiful act of the young couple. They met in secondary school and fell madly in love with each other. At some point, Mike found out he had adenoid cystic carcinoma. As a result he lost a part of his face.

Experts told him he had only 5 years left to live. Fortunately, Mike and Billie managed to spend a few years happily married.

Billie had some advice for Chase and Sadie: “All we needed to know was be that 5 weeks or 5 years, we were always together! Live your life the best you can! You will always be in our hearts!”

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