Quiz: Choose your peace dove and receive a beautiful message of light!

Doves are associated with good news and good wishes. They give us a sense of calm and hope and help us look at life with different eyes!In today’s quiz, we will use these birds as carriers of a great message of light for your life. Choose the dove you like the most and then scroll down to find out what a great message this is for you.

Dove No. 1

You are a very blessed person. You may have already noticed that you have great inner wisdom and strength. Situations that seem very difficult for other people are simple and easy for you because you are surrounded by excellent positive energies that always guide you on the right path.

There are some things that take away your silence, but the Divine has a message for you: all your suffering, fears, and conflicts will end soon. You are a being of great light and you will always be stronger than any darkness!

Dove No. 2

One of your greatest qualities is humility. In a world where more and more people worry about themselves and don’t see their neighbors, you bring an energy of love and empathy that shows that there are still good hearts and people we can trust.

You have a special gift to give joy, inspiration, and love to others. This is a special gift that has been given to you by the Divine and helps you make the world a better place with more conscious and enlightened people. To further develop your mission, trust more in divine guidance!

When you face difficulties, always think of yourself as a student of life and the universe. You won’t always have all the answers, but you will always be faced with situations that will teach you everything you need to know to become a wiser and more alive person!

Dove No. 3

The great gift given by the Divine is the great goodness in your heart. They say good people do good no matter what, and this definition fits you! You know that your mission in this life is to serve as a beacon to all those who are lost and help them follow the good path! And you accept this mission with great love, you understand that happiness is a consequence of what we radiate from the universe, and therefore be careful that all your views reflect the reality in which you want to live!

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