Quiz: Find the cat in the picture

Cats, though not champions in mimicry, are firmly in the top ten gurus of disguise. Give them a closet full of your clean shirts and socks, and they will merge into the landscape in complete ecstasy! But what if we pose a more difficult task – to throw the cat not in the closet, but in a herd of owls? Will he be able to hide and get lost there?

The answer to this question is to be found right for you and right now. Here is a picture. On it all the owls are like owls, and only one owl is a cat. Or a cat. Science does not know this yet. Yes, it doesn’t matter.

Midnight of the 23rd century is approaching, but the cat is still missing? It just seems that way to you. There he is – where the red arrows point. Step on them, strictly look this fur chameleon in the eyes and tell them to go home – the wires to your gadgets will not gnaw themselves.

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