Quiz: Pick the dumbest person in the picture

Our choice defines us, even if it seems to be a small thing. It’s just how our subconscious mind works. What kind of person seemed stupid to you in the picture?

Number 1

You are a leader and most likely an extrovert. Those around you believe that they can rely on you, although you have a reputation for being stubborn. You often make decisions too rashly. Try to spend a little more time thinking about your ideas.

Number 2

“Seven times measure cut once”. This old saying is definitely about you. Wisdom and emotional stability define you. However, sometimes you try to shift the responsibility to others. You are a kind person, and sometimes people around you take advantage of you.

Number 3

You love to dream, but your dreams are very bold. And you somehow can turn them into reality. People often misunderstand you, as your views may seem extravagant to many.

Number 4

You are a very principled person and a stubborn person. You have your own opinion about everything, and you are always ready to go against the system. But be careful doing things that might be harmful to you in order to prove your point to others.

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