QUIZ: Which crown you choose will reveal a lot about your character

This simple test will help you get to know yourself a little better, understand which traits of your character attract others, and which, on the contrary, repel them. Choose the crown that seems most attractive to you, and its shape, sharpness of the corners, and the amount of detail will tell a little about some interesting features of your character.

Crown #1

You are an egoist or even an egocentrist. Sometimes you concentrate so much on your own “I” that you simply stop taking into account and noticing the feelings of other people. You can be caring, sincerely worry about loved ones and friends, but at the same time be too superficial and do not notice more than obvious things.

Crown #2

You like to command and keep everything under control. It is unlikely that you are even for a minute ready to give the reins of government into the wrong hands. You can be advised to relax a little and admit that you are not able to control absolutely everything in your life. In addition, you should leave the past alone and start living in the present.

Crown #3

You are a very lazy person. But a lazy person who finds an excuse for himself: then you have no inspiration, then motivation. You are quite showing miracles of diligence, as soon as you finally get to work. But your problem is that you definitely need a good kick in the ass. As a motivation, we can tell you the following: nothing worthwhile comes easy. Work on yourself!

Crown #4

Probably your environment sees in you a lot of cruelty and revenge. This, of course, has a very negative effect on your relationship with them. Anger does not decorate anyone, and your intransigence can cost you success.

Crown #5

You are well aware of your own feelings. Irrational and impulsive actions are inherent in you, which you sometimes regret very much. Of course, you should listen to your intuition, but do not let your fears and worries take precedence over you and your actions.

Crown #6

You know how to pull away, and you know how to push people away. You prefer (or rather, it’s easier for you) to seem like a cold know-it-all. But it’s good that at the same time, deep down in your soul, you strangely understand what kind of people you can let into your world. You know that you still have a lot to learn and therefore you are always ready for new lessons of fate. You may be advised to admit that no one knows absolutely all the answers.

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