“Raymond Burr’s Quiet Philanthropy”: Adopting 25 Children in the Final Four Decades of His Private Life

🌟 A legacy of kindness! Discover Raymond Burr’s quiet philanthropy as he adopts 25 children over the final four decades of his private life. Lets honor his remarkable acts of compassion and generosity

Raymond Burr, a Canadian actor, gained fame through roles in over 90 productions, such as Rear Window and A Cry in the Night. Most notably, he played Perry Mason in the crime drama series. Despite his success, Burr kept his homosexuality a secret, fearing it would harm his career.

Born on May 21, 1917, in Canada, Burr faced challenges early in life, with his parents’ divorce and financial struggles. He dropped out of school during the Great Depression, taking various jobs. His interest in acting led him to the Pasadena Playhouse, and he later moved to New York City, where he began his career.

After serving in the Navy during World War II, Burr started his film career as a villain in movies like San Quentin and A Place in the Sun. In 1956, he transitioned to television, starring as Perry Mason for 271 episodes over seven years.

Despite the show’s success, Burr regretted the impact on his personal life, feeling he couldn’t have a family or be himself. In 1967, he starred in Ironside, a television drama that ran until 1975.

Burr continued acting in films and TV until his death in 1993 from kidney cancer. His life, shrouded in mystery, included a secret homosexuality, which he hid to protect his career.

Journalists were curious about Burr’s private life, where he claimed to have lost a wife, Annette Sutherland, in a plane crash, and a son, Michael Evan, to leukemia. However, it later emerged that these family members never existed.

Burr’s marriages and tragic family tales were fabrications, and it’s believed he used them to conceal his true self. Perry Mason producer Art Marks suggested that Burr’s marriages were a cover-up.

In 2009, details about Burr’s secret life, including his homosexuality, were revealed in a biography titled Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret Life of Raymond Burr. The book uncovered Burr’s true relationships, including a long partnership with Robert Benevides.

Scotty Bowers, in his memoir, claimed to have introduced Burr to Benevides. In 2012, Benevides confirmed this, stating that Bowers frequently introduced young gay men to Burr. Burr left his $32 million estate to Benevides upon his death.

Despite the lies surrounding his personal life, Burr also had a positive impact. In 1986, it was reported that he “adopted” 25 children from various parts of the world during his television years, providing financial support for their needs.

While Burr’s life was filled with deception, his career made him a Hollywood icon. Despite living in a time when being openly gay was challenging, Burr’s journey serves as a reminder of the struggles individuals faced in the entertainment industry.

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