“Real legends of cinema”: what our favorite French actors looked like at the beginning of their career and already at the end of it

There are many talented actors in French cinema. They starred in many popular films that are known all over the world. In this article, we will remember those whose names can be safely recorded in the history of world cinema.

Letitia Casta. She became popular after her role in Asterix and Obelix, which was released in 1999.

Christian Clavier. The actor began his career already in 1973, and since that time he has been a favorite of the public.

Bridget Bardot. She appeared on the screens more than half a century ago, but now it seems forever in the hearts of viewers.

Jean-Paul Belmondo is a truly great actor. He began his career seventy years ago and has given the world many wonderful heroes.

Alain Delon retired in 2017.

Catherine Deneuve is already 77, but she looks just amazing. By the way, the actress is not going to stop there, so she continues to act in films.

Vaina Giocante started acting as a teenager in 1997.

Charlotte Gainsburg – this actress has some kind of magical charm that beckons to watch films with her participation.

François Cluzet started in the theater and continues to play in the cinema.

Jane Birkin made her first film appearance in 1996.

Vincent Cassel started playing thirty years ago but is still popular in cinema.

Audrey first appeared in films in 1996, when she was still a young girl.

Depardieu has been acting in films for 56 years!

Fanny Ardant is impossible to forget.

Pierre Richard appeared in the movie “Montparnasse” in 1958. A real long-liver and hard worker.

Jean Reno started with documentaries forty years ago.

Eva Green is quite a young actress compared to the rest of this list. She appeared in films only in 2003.

Juliette Binoche got her first role in 1983.

Benoît Magimel first appeared in films when he was 12 years old. For thirty-odd years in the profession, he managed to play a lot of roles.

Jean Dujardin – Agent 117. He has been acting in films for over 20 years.

Which of these actors and actresses is your favorite? Leave your answers in the comments!

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