Reasons why Chris Hemsworth is the most ideal man on the planet

Well, friends, it seems we have found the perfect man. Perhaps even the most perfect in the whole world. We do not undertake to assert, but something tells us that we are not far from the truth. This (of course!) is about Chris Hemsworth, the great and mighty Thor.

And if you have doubts about his perfection, then here is a couple of proofs that this actor seriously claims to be the “ideal man”.

Let’s start with the fact that he is criminally handsome.

Secondly, he looks as if right now he can attack the president’s bodyguard.

But next to his wife, he looks like a damn nice guy.

His wife Eliza is a decent bonus to Chris’ charm.

They have been together for over 10 years.

And raise three kids.

Family life had no effect on their relationship.

And this is another proof that Chris is quite the man of his dreams.

The guy in his busy schedule somehow miraculously finds time for morning walks with his family.

And for a good rest.

And in general, he knocks out the weekend from the “bosses” to take pictures like this.

He’s also a hell of a simple guy.

And so perfect that it teaches kids to fish.

And he hugs her a lot and often.

And very timely lends her shoulder.

In other words, the perfect man.

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