“Recent Images Show Kirsty Alley at 70”: Critics Comment on Changes in Appearance

There was a time when Kirstie Alley was a really great actress. She often worked with John Travolta and was known for being beautiful, smart, and talented – the perfect combo for the film industry.

You might remember her from movies like “Summer School”, “Look Who’s Talking”, and “And the Cursed Village”. Families used to gather to watch her movies on TV, but now, at 70 years old, she looks very different from the person we remember.

Recent photos of Kirstie surfaced on the internet. Spies caught her on a Hollywood street and interviewed her. Fans were surprised by how much she has changed and didn’t like her new look.

People on social media commented, saying things like, “Time has not been kind to her,” “She doesn’t look good,” and “She could have done better.”

However, loyal fans defended Kirsty, saying, “What did you expect? She’s 70!” and “She’s still great,” “Don’t listen to the haters, Kirsty, you’re beautiful.”

Did you like Kirsty as an actress? What do you think about how she looks now?

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