“Red Carpet Embarrassment”: Vanessa Kirby In a Dress Without a Bra Accidentally Exposed Her Breasts!

The formfitting dress highlighted Vanessa’s well-toned figure

The 35-year-old partner of Tom Cruise was present at the “Mission: Impossible: Deadly Reckoning” premiere. Because of her outfit’s straps, she had to endure an awkward situation.

Tom Cruise was accompanied by Vanessa to the New York premiere. Carla Welch, her stylist, designed her appearance. She selected a long caramel dress with spaghetti straps from the Spring/Summer 2023 line by Schiaparelli.

Vanessa made the conscious decision to forego wearing a bra because the form-fitting dress showcased her toned shape.

She wore coral lipstick, pink blush, and delicate eyeliner. Her beautiful, wavy hair was permitted to loosely fall over her shoulders. A chic cape that resembled gloves, reached the elbows, and folded into a shawl completed the look. Vanessa’s earrings were big gold ones.

Vanessa radiated glitz as she made her way down the red carpet. One of the tiny straps on her little attire, however, slid off, partially exposing her chest. Thankfully, Tom Cruise was able to spot it in time to prevent a serious wardrobe malfunction. Vanessa expressed her astonishment, but she swiftly corrected the situation and resumed posing, albeit more cautiously, with a brilliant smile.

Vanessa will return to the “Mission: Impossible” series in the forthcoming seventh episode as Alanna Mitsopolis, better known as the “White Widow.” She spoke with Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson, who plays MI6 agent Ilse Faust, on the red carpet. The role played by Rebecca has appeared in three movies.

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