Rehabilitation of Astrid after the terrible treatment of the former owners

We are sure that there will be a person to whom she will be able to open her heart!

New York’s Animal Haven has never been seen before! Although people have repeatedly experienced mistreatment of animals, the case of this dog was exceptional …

A baby named Astrid came to the shelter at the beginning of the month. The employees were amazed at the condition of the dog – they had never seen anything like it!

The snow-white fur of a mestizo of a 10-year-old lap dog was all dirty and tangled. The dog’s tiny paws were covered with dried feces, and the nails were curled into rings due to the fact that they had not been cut for a long time. Astrid could not move normally – every step hurt her.

It was clear that no one cared for the dog. It is not known how much time Astrid spent in such conditions …

It was not by chance that she got to the shelter – she was brought by some man who looks like a homeless person. He said that one of his relatives died, leaving him a dog. The visitor looked very untidy, so the shelter staff immediately took the animal from him.

Poor Astrid was confused and frightened – the new situation clearly frightened her …

Shelter workers are sure that someone kept the dog locked up for a long time.

The baby was taken to the veterinarian, where she was bathed and sheared. Clean Astrid wrapped in a warm jacket.

Now people were faced with the task of helping the dog to trust the person again and overcome constraints. Volunteer Mindy Liu was very interested in the pet.

The girl already had three dogs at home – she took the animals for overexposure, treated them, and helped to overcome the fear of humans. Mindy was sure the new one would get along with the rest of the pets.

The girl cannot forget Astrid’s fear when she touched the baby. The dog is clearly not accustomed to affection … She behaved very timidly and constrainedly, studying the stranger.

Of course, Astrid will take a long time to recover, but Mindy is not going to give up. She will take care of the dog for as long as it takes, and then find her a home.

Astrid really quickly got along with the girl’s other pets. Now Mindy walks four pets at once.

Some of the dogs even sit in the stroller while walking.

Since Astrid is still very weak, she rides in a wheelchair almost all the time. But this is a temporary measure – soon the animal will walk normally.

Having learned what love and care are, Astrid began to trust people more. The dog explores the house he lives in, approaches Mindy for petting, and plays with other pets.

The future of the little girl is still uncertain, but we are sure that there will be a person to whom she will be able to open her heart!

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