“Relationships are Falling Apart”: Adele Burst into Tears at the Concert Because of Her Divorce!

The British singer, 34, opened up about her marriage’s demise in an emotional speech. Adele’s performance in Las Vegas was marred by her uncontrollable emotion.

At the Caesars Palace Coliseum, the performer launched a series of shows. Within four months, she will perform eight gigs. Numerous thousands of people from throughout the world will attend the performances. The eagerly anticipated performances, which have been delayed for over a year, stand out for Adele’s genuine interaction with her fans.

The artist tried to keep her emotions under control. The celebrity started crying and urged others to choose friendship before romance. Adele affirmed that when she was picking herself up following the divorce, the assistance of pals was crucial.

She shares a ten-year-old son named Angelo with her ex-husband, businessman Simon Konecki, who is 48.

“Whether you’re married or not, it’s incredibly painful and upsetting when relationships end. Keep your friends close by since they are superior to men and women alike. You have pals for life,” Adele remarked.

Adele said that after splitting from her spouse, she saw the therapist five times every day. She said that because she no longer “feels responsible,” she is now back in counseling. For her gigs in Las Vegas, the singer wanted to be in top shape.

Simon Konecki and the Oscar winner started dating in 2011. They gave birth to a boy a year later. In 2017, the pair wed covertly at a concert in Australia.

Later, a secret wedding ceremony was performed at the singer and businessman’s Los Angeles residence. Adele made the divorce announcement in April 2019. Former spouses are silent about the causes. In order to raise the kid together, they made an effort to preserve cordial ties.

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