“Repeated Iconic Photo Of Her Mom”: Pregnant Daughter Of Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Participated In a Nude Photo Shoot!

It is believed that it was Demi who introduced the fashion for nude photo shoots during pregnancy.

The actress’ daughter participated in an interesting shoot. Rumer Willis reproduced her mother’s likeness. 31 years ago, Demi took part in a similar picture session.

Rumer and Derek Richard Thomas are going to have a child.

Rumer, the oldest child of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, is carrying her first kid. The actress, 34, served as the face of the NakedCashmere advertising campaign. She appears in a number of hot pictures.

Rumer stripped off for the camera. She wrapped a brown cashmere shawl across her chest. Willis Jr. knelt down beside her and stroked her tummy while giving her a serious sidelong gaze.

The girl then took a photo while growing. The daughter of Hollywood royalty covered her exposed hips with a thin blanket and pulled on a knitted jumper. “My natural environment is comfortable,” Rumer said.

Celebrity photographer Anna Leibovitz, who specialized in celebrity pictures, conducted the shooting. The magazine’s cover generated controversy and was even banned at some places of sale.

Demi is thought to have started the trend of pregnant women taking nude photos. Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Cindy Crawford later followed her lead.

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