“Replaced The Star With an Ordinary Waitress”: Pique Showed a Photo With The Lover With Whom He Cheated On Shakira!

Comments under Pique’s new photo with his chosen one reflect the confusion and disappointment of fans.

The 46-year-old Hollywood singer’s divorce has drawn the attention of Shakira’s admirers all around the world. The artist chose to leave her spouse after learning of his adultery by accident, it was revealed.

Gerard Pique and Shakira share two sons.

Shakira’s admirers were outraged when Gerard, who had been unfaithful to her, recently uploaded a photo with his new love. They commented and conveyed their dissatisfaction.

The perplexity and dismay of supporters are reflected in the comments under Gerard Pique’s new photo with the one he picked.

The latest pictures of Gerard Pique and his chosen one caused a lot of controversy and uncertainty as a result.

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