Rescued cat can’t believe he’s alive and free (video)

The builders had known for a long time that this cat existed, and they also knew about his tabby friend. Animals often manage to cling to the builders living in the construction town. At times, workers give the animals tidbits from the table, but sometimes there are times when snakes begin to prey on wild cats. The neighborhood is good, you can’t say anything. But the guards, who have grown their tails, are far from always able to cope.

In the same way, as if according to a pre-written script, it happened once again. And it all started with the fact that the builders heard a plaintive cat’s meow from the nearby thickets.

The builders saw in the bushes that a huge python grabbed his most beloved pet and strangled him, squeezing the rings more and more. The python was in a resolute mood, and even a very small kitten had already begun to lose strength and almost ceased to resist. People didn’t think for long. The cat had to be rescued without delay.


The mouth of the python opened, and the snake prepared to attack the witnesses of what was happening, but receiving multiple blows from the armature, forced the python to change the plan of attack. The cat still remained in a lying position on withered foliage.

As the builders will say after this incident, the eyes said that the cat was alive. A real animal fear froze in the cat’s eyes. The massage of the heart muscle, rendered to the cat by one worker, slightly brought the animal to its senses.

And after some time, the animal recovered completely from a terrible nightmare. Having come to his senses a little, the cat was bathed in the brought container, then he was fed with the donated fish by caring hands and immediately went to look for his friend in the strip. Apparently, the cat simply did not have the strength to express gratitude to the builders.

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