Retriever parodies Madonna, and he already has an army of fans (photos)

Even Madonna saw these photos and appreciated them. She reposted from a copycat profile!

The queen of pop has imitators. Max the golden retriever is just one of the best.

Vincent Flouret is a French photographer and owner of a dog named Max.

Portraits are a hobby for him. He loves Madonna’s work, so he decided to blog the dog and make copies of the singer’s famous covers.

Max is a master of disguise. He is great at getting used to the role, so the photos are so atmospheric.

Before the shot is taken, the owner buys a prop and gives it to Max.

The dog gradually gets used to things, treats them like toys, so he feels comfortable.

It takes a photographer several weeks to shoot one work.

Flouret called his project “Maxdonna” and some will probably prefer the retriever cover.

By the way, even Madonna herself knows that her rival Maxdonna is stepping on her heels.

The singer made a repost on Instagram one of the covers, which flaunted Max.

More than 15 thousand people have subscribed to Max’s Instagram profile. And all of them are obviously not Madonna’s fans.

And this is Max with the owner

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