Richard Gere’s top ten films on his 70th birthday

He is still acting in films. In addition, he does charity work.

Gere will turn 71 on August 31, 2020. You can’t believe it, can you? Let’s look at some intriguing facts about the Golden Globe-winning actor who has played a variety of memorable roles.

  • In his youth, Gere was engaged in gymnastics, and on this occasion even received a scholarship from the school where he studied.
  • At first, he did not count on an acting career. He even dropped out of university because he wanted to become a trumpeter. But then I realized that the musicians are even more capricious than the actors.
  • At first, Gere was only a theater actor, playing on the stages of London, and then New York.
  • The film debut was associated with a small role in the film “In Search of Mr. Goodbar” in 1977.
  • Richard has been married three times. Do you know who his first wife was? Supermodel Cindy Crawford!
  • Gere has two sons, Homer and Alexander. The first was born in the second marriage, and the second – in the third … that’s the math. By the way, Alexander, the son of Gir and publicist Alejandra Silva, was only in his third year.
  • Richard is a Buddhist.
  • In his eighties, he is still acting in films. In addition, he does charity work.
  • Richard is an excellent photographer. An exhibition of his works was held in Moscow at the festival “Tibet: traditions, art, photographs”. The exposition was called “The Pilgrim”

1. Hachiko: the most faithful friend, 2009.

2. Days of Harvest, 1978.

3. Primitive fear, 1996.

4. Chicago, 2002.

5. Beauty, 1990.

6. Officer and gentleman, 1982.

7. Wrong, 2002.

8. Brooklyn cops, 2009.

9. Vicious passion, 2012.

10. Mothman, 2001.

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