Scared and completely shut down puppy being returned to the shelter by a foster home

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There are fewer and fewer opportunities at the Houston, Texas-based BARC Animal Shelter to win back an 11-month-old puppy’s trust in people. Scarlett’s foster parents saved the puppy’s life two weeks ago, but they’ve since admitted that they don’t have the expertise needed to handle a dog this terrified and shut down.

On May 10, 2023, Scarlet came to the shelter as a stray. She was described as a Labrador retriever mix and weighed 45 pounds. She first withdrew to a corner of the shelter, declined incentives, and shook and shivered anytime anybody approached her.

On May 15, the dog was supposed to be put to death, but a BARC foster stepped in just in time to save her. And she’s come back. Scarlet isn’t to blame; she was unaware that everyone could be on their best behavior at the moment. We need a foster parent with experience who can take care of animals like Scarlett.

Please let your social media contacts, loved ones, close friends, and reputable rescue organizations know about her predicament. Lives can be saved by sharing.

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