“Scarlet Lipstick And White Dress”: Angelina Jolie With Her 21-Year-Old Adopted Son Attended The Official Presidential Dinner!

Their bonded relationship has long been known

In Washington, Angelina Jolie was there for the occasion. Jolie arrived at the White House with her son Maddox, who is 21 years old. The occasion was attended by several luminaries.

Jolie wore a flowing white dress for the event. Pearl earrings and a necklace enhanced the 47-year-old actress’s appearance.

Her light waves in her hair and scarlet lipstick completed her seductive look. A milky Chanel coat was slung over Jolie’s shoulders.

The artist’s son was dressed in formal slacks, a white shirt, and a tie. Mom and son appeared to be quite reserved and timid. Jolie just grinned in response to inquiries about her plans once she had left the UN.

Maddox went to the event with his mother and never let her be alone. Their close friendship has long been acknowledged. His mother is constantly supported by the son.

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