Scientists have deciphered the Sumerian tablet and realized that this is an instruction for summoning an otherworldly creature

In the old storerooms of the British Museum, scientists have found an ancient tablet of the Sumerians. The decoding lasted for years until one of the specialists realized that in front of them on the table lay detailed instructions for summoning an otherworldly creature. The instruction was created 3500 years ago.

The encryption on the plate is schematic. The hand-sized artifact is engraved with detailed instructions for summoning otherworldly creatures. For example, given a creature that came in search of a companion.

It was only by chance that cuneiform was understood. The tablet shows all the text at a certain angle in the light, which is already surprising for a 3500-year-old artifact. The tablet depicts the spirit of a man who moves forward with his hands tied, he is led by a woman.

“Obviously, we have one of the first artifacts dedicated to summoning otherworldly creatures. Previously, no one deciphered the writing on the tablet, and they didn’t understand the unique drawing at all,” Irving Finkel, a philologist, and curator of the Middle East Department of the British Museum explained to reporters.

The problem is that the second part of the plate is missing. If you call a creature according to the instructions, it will no longer be possible to send it back.

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