See how a living doll appeared before she changed!

Angelica Kenova, please. Recently, the female became 28 years old. Angelica was raised by a prosperous family of businesspeople. Angelica has had all of her wants and needs since she was a young child. 

The girl’s Barbie doll served as her personal standard of beauty. The ideal beauty gradually started to mirror the ideal of the idol girl. Today, girls in Russia as a whole are drawn to Kenova’s puppet appearance. 

However, there are outdated images of Angelica from before the metamorphosis that is circulating online. The girl’s claim that she did not undergo plastic surgery looks a bit dishonest. 

The reverse is implied by images of Angelica. Pleasure yourself! How do you feel about the change? 

What do you think—did Angelica turn to plastic surgeons for assistance?

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