See how the Blue Lagoon characters have changed after 40 years!

When “The Blue Lagoon” was first aired, many spectators instantly fell in love with it. The young performers’ game was organic and distinctive. The film’s license has been acquired by several nations. The film received an Oscar nomination a year later. The Golden Globe Award for Best Film Debut went to Christopher Atkins, who portrayed the lead character.

The movie was also available to Secular Union members to see. By the way, it was seen by 40 million Soviet viewers. A sequel named “Return to the Blue Lagoon” was made after ten years. Although Milla Jovovich starred in it, the sequel did not enjoy the same level of success as the first.

Many people believed that the movie’s actors would go far in their careers. This, however, did not take place. These actors are not widely known nowadays.55 years ago, Brooke Shields was born. At the age of 14, she went to the movies. A little girl could not act in explicit scenes, per American legislation. The backup performed it in its place.

Despite the film’s success, I must mention that reviewers did not appreciate Shields’ strategy. The girl was recognized for the worst female part and received the Golden Raspberry anti-award.

Shields had a limited number of jobs, but they did not turn out as well as her part in The Blue Lagoon. The first and most successful role in Brooke Shields’ career is this one.

The young actor Christopher Atkins had a successful start, but he was unable to build on that success after that. The artist was nominated for the Golden Raspberry Award, much like his colleague. This honor was given to him twice.

One reviewer of the movie claimed that the performers were unfortunate since they were not required to perform and demonstrate their acting abilities. It was sufficient for them to act normally.

The storyline handled all other aspects, including youth and attractiveness. The performers believed that their aesthetic appeal was sufficient for filming. For real experts, nevertheless, this is insufficient.

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