Select a peace dove to receive a message of light

Read your message to the dove that grabbed your attention.

Dove No. 1

Denotes a person endowed with greater abilities and endowed with strong inner strength and knowledge. You can deal with problems that many others find difficult, if not impossible.

The powerful forces inside you can guide you through times of darkness and adversity, helping you to clearly see the proper route and the decision that must be taken.

As a result, the person who picked this dove is seen as a type of action guide, an invaluable figure for friends and family who have the privilege of walking beside him.

The message conveyed by dove number one is a favorable omen: no challenges are forever, and tranquility will undoubtedly replace worry.

Dove No. 2

This pick reflects your character as someone who is sensitive, truthful, and loyal to others, as well as someone who is capable of completing the most adventurous and challenging undertakings.

You have the ability to provide light and joy to others, make the world a better place, and make people around you more aware and enlightened.

The global meaning of this decision is to never lose hope, to never get despondent, and to be a beacon of light and hope.

Dove No. 3

Whoever picks this dove is a generous person who is capable of overcoming any hardships and hurdles.

Individuals that join with this dove have the mission of assisting those who are lost, those who have lost the coordinates of their lives.

The meaning of this decision is to never lose the capacity to communicate, inspire confidence, and show enjoyment to others.

These people have the steadfast notion that one is never alone in life and that a pleasant surprise is always just around the corner.

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