Senior Dog slept under a blanket crying all the time until his new family came after him

The senior Chihuahua found the loss of his owner to be quite painful. He had to get used to staying at a shelter after being abandoned.

Sleeping under the blanket was his sole means of solace.

Every night before going to sleep because his owner was no longer there, Scooter pulled the blanket over his head.

No matter how magnificent and lovely everything appeared to onlookers, it was all hiding worry and anxiety.

The volunteers were quite concerned for him and unsure of whether prospective adopters would want to take on the elderly canine.

They were concerned that the poor puppy would die at a shelter.

Even though it was unexpected for them, they chose to publish a picture of him hiding beneath the blanket, which only changed the course of his life.

Jessica wanted to take the puppy home because she had acquired two other chihuahuas.

The two appeared to fall in love right away. Scooter gained a loving home as well as new friends.

The lovely boy now feels so at ease and content since they have five other dogs.

The lovely puppy still likes to lay on his favorite blanket, though, when it’s time for bed.

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