“She embarrassed herself in front of the fans!” :Susan Sarandon criticized for her outfit at the SAG Awards

“Come to your senses, you’re already 76!” 👵😳 Everyone was perplexed when they saw Susan appearing in public only in her bra 👀😱 A shame, see for yourself in the article 👇👇👇

Susan Sarandon, one of the most famous actresses of her generation. She has a wonderful talent and is known not only on the screen but also for never holding back in real life. Sarandon has had a stellar career in Hollywood and continues to be successful.

The actress has always been stylish and loves to express herself through fashion. It’s no secret that she has an unapologetic attitude and always proudly displays her body. Some people felt uncomfortable when Susan, 76, walked the red carpet in a white jacket and black bra.

At the SAG Awards in Los Angeles, she was accompanied by her daughter and son. The actress, who attracted attention in a low-cut white suit, shared sweet moments with her children on the red carpet.

Susan Sarandon is truly an incredible beauty, even at her advanced age. The actress follows her own path and doesn’t care about people who criticize her. What do you say about that? Please leave a comment with your opinion.

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