She gave birth to seven children in 1997, and her husband abandoned them. Here’s how they look now

The world learned in 1997 that the American McCaughey family had seven children. Straightaway! And they all survived, writes Enterate de Algo. It was a real medical miracle.

How did it happen? The McCaughey family already had a daughter. After her birth, Kenny and Bobby McCaughey could not get pregnant for a long time, so they used IVF services.

How surprised they were when they learned that all the embryos took root!

After birth, each of the babies weighed no more than 1.5 kg, which is very small for newborns. Two out of seven children, unfortunately, were born with cerebral palsy. Later, the children were operated on, and they were able to start walking.

And yet all the children survived, grew up, and even graduated from school. This was the first time that all 7 children were able to be born and survive.

The people were delighted. Unfortunately, the father of the children did not share the common joy. It seemed to him that he was not ready to become the head of such a huge family. A few years later he left his wife and children.

After Bobby’s betrayal, the children’s mother found herself in a desperate situation. She had to take care of seven babies at once.

Fortunately, she received material support from then US President Bill Clinton, private companies, various charitable foundations, as well as caring people.

The family was given a large house with seven bedrooms and provided with free food. Several universities almost immediately offered to accept children for free education as soon as they graduated from school.

This is what the septuplets look like now. Let’s list them.

1) Natalie immediately after birth (left) and at graduation (right), wants to become a teacher of elementary grades.

When she graduated from school, she was in the top 15% of the best students in graduation.

2) Brandon wants to serve in the army.

3) Kelsey, born with a weight of only 907 grams, performed in the school choir.

In the future, the girl dreams of connecting her life with music and making a career as a singer.

4) Kenny, a Des Moines Community College engineering student.

Kenneth in high school chose to major in construction.

5) Alexis, who was born with cerebral palsy, aspires to be a teacher.

She had to use walking assistance to walk, yet she nevertheless earned the second captain of her high school cheering squad.

6) Nathan, who was born with cerebral palsy, intends to pursue a career in science.

Nathan is now a student at Hannibal-Lagrange University’s Faculty of Computer Science.

7) Joel, the youngest child, intends to major in computer technology in college.

Joel attended Hannibal Lagrange University as well.

All of the children have finished school and are ready to leave the family home. The mother is disappointed since she is used to the chaos and commotion in the house.

On the other hand, she is pleased and delighted that her children will devote their life to education, music, architecture, and other pursuits. This family exemplifies endurance, endurance, and unity. We hope that all of the children flourish and will soon be able to please their mother with grandkids.

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