She has no arms and legs, but she still learned how to cook, drive and sew

Amy Brooks from Pittsburgh was born with a birth defect that affects the hands and feet of children. Immediately after the birth, the girl’s real parents abandoned her, writes Etto Day.

They even asked the hospital staff to leave her in the room and not bring her to feed.

Fortunately, the infant was adopted almost quickly by the caring Brooks family.

“At first, the physicians were skeptical that I could become self-sufficient. However, my parents did not put up with that, so they constantly motivated me,” Amy explains.

Despite the fact that nothing came easily to Amy, she has become increasingly independent over the years and is now learning to drive.

The girl, now 37 years old, stated: “It is quite obvious that I have to do all things differently than people with all limbs, but I can handle everything, just differently.”

Amy has her own YouTube channel called “How Does She Do It?”

She shows subscribers how she manages daily affairs without arms and legs.

“My YouTube channel is not exactly what I wanted to do. It’s hard for me to be in front of the camera, but I thought that this is another way to become a support for other people.”

Amy records all her videos herself and can even set up the equipment without outside help.

“I don’t know if I can call myself a photographer, but I like taking pictures. For any job, I use my chin, mouth, and shoulder.”

Although she receives negative comments on the networks, most of the reviews are positive.

“I enjoy sharing my story with others, not because I think I am doing something wonderful. This is important for other people, we all live on this planet for a reason.”

Amy’s greatest achievement so far is her ability to sew.

“This is what I thought I couldn’t do. It’s a big challenge, but I love to sew.”

Now she sews bags that she sells on Facebook. Her parents always wanted her to be independent, but they never thought that the girl would achieve such success. Mom Amy Janet says:

“I didn’t want her to be tied to the couch, but I didn’t dare to dream that she would become so independent and be able to do as many things as she does now.”

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