The daughter-in-law threw a tantrum when I told her that we have a tradition of naming a grandson after his grandfather

With the daughter-in-law, we immediately developed a good relationship. We lived without quarrels and mutual insults. Sometimes we argued about where to get away from this, but quickly found a common solution and we didn’t hold a grudge against each other. When I found out that my daughter-in-law was pregnant, I felt real happiness. Soon a grandson will appear in my house, my daughter-in-law will give birth from day today.

The fact that there will be a boy made my son very happy, he dreamed of a son, so as soon as he found out the gender of the unborn child, he immediately said that he would name him in honor of his father. There is a tradition in our family to name boys after their grandfathers. As soon as my daughter-in-law found out that the name for the child had already been chosen, she started a scandal, claiming that she would also name her child herself, and no one was going to take into account our opinion.

I wanted to calmly discuss the situation with my daughter-in-law, but she was categorical, saying that the decision had already been made. My son tried to support me, but his wife did not even listen, saying that her parents would take her from the hospital and she would live with the child with them.

My son treats his wife well and does everything possible to show her his love and care, but the daughter-in-law does not appreciate it. She is a rather selfish girl, she cannot remain silent and go forward even for the sake of her own husband. I tried to talk to her about the traditions of our family, but they immediately interrupted me and did not listen.

A surprise for me was the statement that the daughter-in-law and son had already come up with a name for the child, in addition, they told me that they would decide all the issues that concern their family on their own, and they don’t care about my opinion at all. I look at the situation a little differently because this child will be my grandson, he will continue our family.

When the issue of the child’s name was recently brought up again, my sister-in-law told me rudely that it was none of my business. I was shocked. I put all my soul and strength into my son, and now I turned out to be an extra person in his life. I don’t understand. How can I go on, how to communicate with my daughter-in-law and even my own child.

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