She is 71 years old and still dances at a disco, goes to fashion events, and lives a full life

Elena Volk rose to prominence last year. Several channels reported on it at the same time. A beautiful 70-year-old party girl danced all night, had a good time, and lighted up cooler than youth. Instead of sitting on a bench and chatting with passers-by, this vivacious senior attends fashion events, meets exceptional people, participates in photoshoots, and has a good time till the early hours of the morning.

Elena has been widowed for the past 16 years. “I used to be an obedient wife, my husband was cool. He was dancing rock and roll at the age of 60. I now live for two!”

Elena retains and wears each of her husband’s presents, and there are dozens of images of him on the walls of her apartment. A woman, on the other hand, is willing to live and even marry, but her chosen one should be younger. Most of her peers are dull grandfathers, and she requires motivation.

Elena has learned to appreciate each and every day. The funds are not used for medical purposes but only for amusement.

Elena can dance for hours and is confident that her age cannot be established on the dance floor.

The woman learned to save so that she might enjoy life in retirement. Unfortunately, she has no friends because her age group does not enjoy parties and an active lifestyle.

The wild lady chose to update her image last year. She went to a fashion stylist with the 1 + 1 channel’s journalists.

Now the lady looks stylish and trendy.

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