She left everything she had to marry the Maasai warrior. 14 years later, how they are doing?

A Maasai warrior captured the heart of the Swiss girl Corinna many years ago while she and her boyfriend were on holiday in Kenya. As a result, her life was forever altered.

At the age of 27, she had a store full of fashionable clothing, lived affluently, had a personal life, and the wedding was quickly approaching.

Despite the fact that she made more money than the groom, Corinna was unhappy with her life and was quite miserable.

And she was quite thrilled about meeting a man who was very different from other males she knew: “This Maasai has successfully snagged my attention. I struggled to eat.”

The Maasai are the only remaining agrarian group in Kenya, and the government frequently has issues with them.

However, Corinne didn’t give a damn. She paid no attention when people in Nairobi or the white hotel made fun of her, or when the female workers at the department in charge of extending visas were wrenched at her temple.

Her newly chosen one lived in a shack covered in cow dung and owned nothing but a loincloth and a handful of goats.

Malaria, pregnancy, running your own food business, and disillusionment make things more harder.

When the mindset gaps grew so glaring, Lketingi developed intense resentment toward his wife, and Corinna made a crucial life choice to flee to Switzerland with her kid.

She tricked her spouse, left many notes for her loved ones, and took off on a plane.

When her daughter Napirai reached adulthood 14 years later, she went back there. Prior to that, she avoided the nation out of fear that Lketinga may ban Napirai from going there.

Her former African spouse struggled to survive her escape; after being kicked out of the warriors, he developed a heavy drinking habit.

Corinna now resides in Switzerland and paints.

And Lketinga has had multiple children over a lengthy period of time and another family.

The image shows him to be somewhat dejected. Divorces are frowned upon by his society, and his wife’s abduction has damaged his standing there.

” The White Maasai,” an autobiographical book written by Corinna Hofmann, describes her experiences in Africa and afterward.

Corinne is no longer alone, though. She has been sharing pictures of her travels with a man her age on her official social media profile for a while.

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