She ran away from her mother. The paparazzi photographed Jolie and Pitt’s 16-year-old daughter on vacation in Italy

The 16-year-old daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was spotted on holiday in Rome. “How could Angelina let her kid leave to another country?” asks one netizen.

The fact is that the actress, according to rumors, is an extremely caring and domineering mother. Jolie’s children are under the hyper control of a strict parent every day and live according to a schedule.

By the way, Shiloh, according to netizens, has noticeably grown up and prettier. “It’s hard to believe that until recently Shilo wanted to be John,”

“They have a very beautiful daughter”, “Tired of hypercontrol”, “Such an independent girl”,

“Escaped from her mother to Italy?” Internet users wrote under the pictures of the paparazzi. What do you say? Share your impressions in the comments below our post.

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